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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Dole

Apples, Fresh

Apricots, Fresh

Artichokes, Fresh

Asparagus, Fresh

Avocados, Fresh

Bananas, Fresh

Bananas, Fresh Organic

Berries, Frozen, Mixed, Wildly Nutritious

Blackberries, Frozen

Blueberries, Frozen

Blueberries, Frozen, Wild

Broccoli, Fresh

Brussels Sprouts, Fresh

Cantaloupe, Fresh

Carrots, Fresh

Carrots, Fresh, Peeled Mini

Cauliflower, Fresh

Celery, Fresh

Chayote, Fresh

Cherries, Fresh

Cherries, Frozen, Dark Sweet

Chilled Juice, Mango Lime Fiesta

Chilled Juice, Orange Juice

Chilled Juice, Orange Peach-Mango

Chilled Juice, Orange Strawberry Banana

Chilled Juice, Paradise Blend

Chilled Juice, Pine-Orange Banana

Chilled Juice, Pine-Orange Strawberry

Chilled Juice, Pineapple Juice

Chilled Juice, Pineapple Orange

Coconuts, Fresh

Cranberries, Fresh

Dates, Dried, Dates

Frozen Juice, Country Raspberry

Frozen Juice, Orange Peach-Mango

Frozen Juice, Orange Strawberry Banana

Frozen Juice, Pine-Orange Banana

Frozen Juice, Pine-Orange Strawberry

Frozen Juice, Pineapple Juice

Frozen Juice, Pineapple Orange

Fruit Bowl

Fruit Bowl, Apples & Caramel Creme Parfait

Fruit Bowl, Diced Peaches

Fruit Bowl, Diced Pears

Fruit Bowl, in Gel

Fruit Bowl, in Reduced Sugar Gel

Fruit Bowl, Mandarin Oranges

Fruit Bowl, Mandarins in Orange Gel

Fruit Bowl, Mixed Fruit

Fruit Bowl, Mixed Fruit in Black Cherry Gel

Fruit Bowl, Mixed Fruit in Peach Gel

Fruit Bowl, Peaches & Creme Parfait

Fruit Bowl, Peaches in Strawberry Gel

Fruit Bowl, Pineapple

Fruit Bowl, Pineapple & Creme Parfait

Fruit Bowl, Pineapple in Lime Gel

Fruit Bowl, Tropical Fruit

Fruit Juice, 100 Percent, Canned, Pineapple

Fruit Juice, 100 Percent, Canned, Pineapple Orange

Fruit Juice, 100 Percent, Canned, Pineapple Orange Banana

Fruit, Canned, Tropical Mixed Fruit

Fruit, Frozen, Mixed

Fruit, Frozen, Tropical Island Blend

Fruit, Frozen, Wildly Nutritious Mixed Fruit

Fruit, Frozen, Wildly Nutritious Tropical Fruit

Fruit, in Plastic Jar

Goji Berries, Fresh

Grapes, Fresh

Lettuce, Fresh, Green Leaf

Lettuce, Fresh, Iceberg

Lettuce, Fresh, Romaine

Mandarin Oranges in Light Syrup, in Plastic Jar

Mango, Frozen

Mangoes, Fresh

Melons, Fresh, Honeydew

Mixed Fruit in Light Syrup, in Plastic Jar

Mushrooms, Fresh

Nectarines, Fresh

Oranges, Fresh

Peaches, Fresh

Peaches, Frozen, Sliced

Peaches, Sliced in Light Syrup, in Plastic Jar

Pears, Fresh

Pineapple Chunks in Light Syrup, in Plastic Jar

Pineapple, Canned, in Heavy Syrup

Pineapple, Canned, Pineapple in 100% Juice

Pineapple, Fresh

Pineapple, Fresh, Fresh-Cut

Pineapple, Frozen, Chunks

Plantains, Fresh

Plums, Fresh

Plus, Apple

Plus, Fruit Punch

Plus, Mixed Berry

Plus, Orange

Prunes, Dried, Prunes

Raisins, Dried, Raisins

Raspberries, Fresh

Raspberries, Frozen

Salad, Packaged, American

Salad, Packaged, Angel Hair

Salad, Packaged, Asian Crunch Kit

Salad, Packaged, Baby Spinach

Salad, Packaged, Bacon Lettuce Toss Kit

Salad, Packaged, Butter & Red Leaf

Salad, Packaged, Caesar Kit

Salad, Packaged, Chopped Romaine

Salad, Packaged, Classic Cole Slaw

Salad, Packaged, Classic Iceberg

Salad, Packaged, Classic Romaine

Salad, Packaged, European

Salad, Packaged, Fall Harvest Kit

Salad, Packaged, Field Greens

Salad, Packaged, Garlic Caesar Kit

Salad, Packaged, Greener Selection

Salad, Packaged, Hearts Delight

Salad, Packaged, Hearts of Romaine

Salad, Packaged, Iceberg Butter Crunch

Salad, Packaged, Italian

Salad, Packaged, Just Lettuce

Salad, Packaged, Leafy Romaine

Salad, Packaged, Light Caesar Kit

Salad, Packaged, Mediterranean

Salad, Packaged, Organic Baby Spinach

Salad, Packaged, Organic Hearts of Romaine

Salad, Packaged, Romano Kit

Salad, Packaged, Say Cheese

Salad, Packaged, Shredded Carrots

Salad, Packaged, Shredded Lettuce

Salad, Packaged, Spinach

Salad, Packaged, Spring Garden Kit

Salad, Packaged, Summer Salad Kit

Salad, Packaged, Sunflower Ranch Kit

Salad, Packaged, Taco Toss Kit

Salad, Packaged, Very Veggie

Salad, Packaged, Winter Medley Kit

Single-Serve Juice, 100% Apple Juice (11.5Oz)

Single-Serve Juice, 100% Apple Juice (15.2Oz)

Single-Serve Juice, 100% Grape Juice (15.2Oz)

Single-Serve Juice, 100% Orange Juice (15.2Oz)

Single-Serve Juice, Cranberry 100% Juice Blend (15.2Oz)

Single-Serve Juice, Pineapple Peach Mango 100% Juice Blend (15.2Oz)

Single-Serve Juice, Ruby Red Grapefruit 100% Juice Blend (15.2Oz)

Single-Serve Juice, Strawberry Kiwi 100% Juice Blend (15.2Oz)

Sparklers, Cranberry Raspberry

Sparklers, Orange Tangerine

Sparklers, Pink Grapefruit

Sparklers, Pomegranate Blueberry

Strawberries, Fresh

Strawberries, Frozen, Sliced in Sugar Tub

Strawberries, Frozen, Whole

Tropical Fruit in Light Syrup, in Plastic Jar

Yuca Root, Fresh



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