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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Chick-Fil-A

Biscuit w/ Bacon

Biscuit w/ Bacon & Egg

Biscuit w/ Bacon, Egg & Cheese

Biscuit w/ Egg

Biscuit w/ Egg & Cheese

Biscuit w/ Gravy

Biscuit w/ Sausage

Biscuit w/ Sausage & Egg

Biscuit w/ Sausage, Egg & Cheese

Biscuit, Buttered

Biscuit, Plain

Carrot & Raisin Salad

Chargrilled Chicken Club Sandwich

Chargrilled Chicken Cool Wrap

Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad

Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich

Chargrilled Chicken, w/o Bun or Pickles


Cheesecake w/ Blueberry Topping

Cheesecake w/ Strawberry Topping


Chick-n-Strips Salad

Chicken Biscuit

Chicken Biscuit w/ Cheese

Chicken Caesar Cool Wrap

Chicken Deluxe Sandwich

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich, w/o Butter

Chicken, w/o Bun or Pickles


Cole Slaw



Diet Lemonade

Dipping Sauce, Barbecue

Dipping Sauce, Buffalo Sauce

Dipping Sauce, Buttermilk Ranch

Dipping Sauce, Honey Mustard

Dipping Sauce, Honey Roasted Barbecue

Dipping Sauce, Polynesian

Dressing, Blue Cheese

Dressing, Buttermilk Ranch

Dressing, Caesar

Dressing, Honey Mustard, Fat Free

Dressing, Italian, Light

Dressing, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Reduced Fat

Dressing, Spicy

Dressing, Thousand Island

Fresh Fruit Cup

Fudge Nut Brownie

Garlic and Butter Croutons


Hearty Breast of Chicken Soup

Honey Roasted Sunflower Kernels

Iced Tea, Sweetened

Iced Tea, Unsweetened


Lemon Pie


Side Salad

Southwest Chargrilled Salad

Spicy Chicken Cool Wrap

Tortilla Strips

Waffle Potato Fries, Salted

Waffle Potato Fries, Unsalted



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