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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Flour

Acorn Flour, Full Fat

Arrowroot Flour

Barley Flour or Meal

Barley Malt Flour

Buckwheat Flour, Whole-Groat

Carob Flour

Chickpea Flour (Besan)

Corn Flour, Degermed, Unenriched, Yellow

Corn Flour, Masa, Enriched

Corn Flour, Masa, Enriched, Yellow

Corn Flour, Whole-Grain, White

Corn Flour, Whole-Grain, Yellow

Cottonseed Flour, Low Fat, Glandless

Cottonseed Flour, Partially Defatted, Glandless

Oat Flour, Partially Debranned

Peanut Flour, Defatted

Peanut Flour, Low Fat

Potato Flour

Rice Flour, Brown

Rice Flour, White

Rye Flour, Dark

Rye Flour, Light

Rye Flour, Medium

Sesame Flour, High-Fat

Sesame Flour, Low-Fat

Sesame Flour, Partially Defatted

Soy Flour, Defatted

Soy Flour, Full-Fat, Raw

Soy Flour, Full-Fat, Roasted

Soy Flour, Low-Fat

Triticale Flour, Whole-Grain

Wheat Flour, White, All-Purpose, Enriched, Bleached

Wheat Flour, White, All-Purpose, Enriched, Calcium-Fortified

Wheat Flour, White, All-Purpose, Enriched, Unbleached

Wheat Flour, White, All-Purpose, Self-Rising, Enriched

Wheat Flour, White, All-Purpose, Unenriched

Wheat Flour, White, Bread, Enriched

Wheat Flour, White, Cake, Enriched

Wheat Flour, White, Tortilla Mix, Enriched

Wheat Flour, Whole-Grain

Wheat Flours, Bread, Unenriched



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