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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Butter

Butter Oil, Anhydrous

Butter, Light, Stick, w/o Salt

Butter, Light, Stick, w/Salt

Butter, Replacement, without Fat, Powder

Butter, Salted

Butter, w/o Salt

Butter, Whipped, w/Salt

Butter-Margarine Blend, Stick, Unsalted

Fruit Butter, Apple

Sesame Butter, Paste

Sesame Butter, Tahini, from Raw and Stone Ground Kernels

Sesame Butter, Tahini, from Roasted and Toasted Kernels (Most Common Type)

Sesame Butter, Tahini, from Unroasted Kernels, Non-Chemically Removed Seed Coat

Sesame Butter, Tahini, Type of Kernels Unspecified



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