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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Einstein Bros

Bacon and Cheddar

Bagel Omelet Sandwich, Plain

Bagel, Asiago

Bagel, Chocolate Chip

Bagel, Chopped Onion

Bagel, Cinnamon Raisin Swirl

Bagel, Cinnamon Sugar

Bagel, Cranberry

Bagel, Egg

Bagel, Everything

Bagel, Honey Whole Wheat

Bagel, Plain

Bagel, Poppy Dip

Bagel, Potato

Bagel, Pumpernickel

Bagel, Sesame Dipd

Bagel, Sun-Dried Tomato

Bagel, Wild Blueberry

Frozen Drink, Cafe Caramel

Frozen Drink, Cafe Latte

Frozen Drink, Cafe Mocha

Frozen Drink, Cookies and Cream

Frozen Drink, Strawberry

Frozen Drink, Vanilla

Ham and Swiss

Java Drink, Cafe Latte

Java Drink, Cafe Mocha

Java Drink, Cappuccino

Reduced Fat Shmear, Blueberry

Reduced Fat Shmear, Garden Veggie

Reduced Fat Shmear, Garlic Herb

Reduced Fat Shmear, Jalapeno Salsa

Reduced Fat Shmear, Maple Walnut and Raisin

Reduced Fat Shmear, Onion and Chive

Reduced Fat Shmear, Plain

Reduced Fat Shmear, Reduced Fat Plain

Reduced Fat Shmear, Smoked Salmon

Reduced Fat Shmear, Strawberry

Reduced Fat Shmear, Sun-Dried Tomato

Salad, Bros Bistro House

Sandwich, Club Mex on Challah

Sandwich, Italian Chicken Panini on Ciabatta

Sandwich, Tasty Turkey on Asiago Bagel

Soup, Chicken Noodle

Turkey Sausage and Cheddar



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