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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: D'Angelo

D'Lite Low Carb Wrap, Steak & Provolone

D'Lite Low Carb Wrap, Tuna

D'Lite Low Carb Wrap, Turkey & Bacon

D'Lite Sandwich, ChixSFry

D'Lite Sandwich, Classic Veggie

D'Lite Sandwich, Fresh Veggie

D'Lite Sandwich, Grilled Chick Breast

D'Lite Sandwich, Roast Beef

D'Lite Sandwich, Turkey

D'Lite Sandwich, Turkey Cranberry

D'Lite Wrap, Chicken Caesar Salad

Dressing, Bleu Cheese

Dressing, Caesar

Dressing, Creamy Italian

Dressing, Fat Free Caesar

Dressing, Greek w/Feta Cheese

Dressing, Honey Mustard

Dressing, Lite Ranch

Dressing, Olive Oil Vinaigrette

Honey Wheat Sub

Pokket Bread, White

Pokket, Big Papi

Pokket, BLT & Cheese

Pokket, Caesar Salad

Pokket, Capicola & Cheese

Pokket, Cheese

Pokket, Cheeseburger

Pokket, Chicken Caesar Salad

Pokket, Chicken Club

Pokket, Chicken Honey Dijon

Pokket, Chicken Salad

Pokket, Chicken Stir Fry

Pokket, Classic Vegetable

Pokket, Classic Vegetable Pokket

Pokket, Classic Veggie, without Cheese

Pokket, Greek

Pokket, Grilled Chicken

Pokket, Ham

Pokket, Ham & Salami

Pokket, Ham& Cheese

Pokket, Hamburger

Pokket, Italian

Pokket, Lobster

Pokket, Meatball

Pokket, Mortadella & Cheese

Pokket, Number 9

Pokket, Pastrami

Pokket, Pepperoni

Pokket, Roast Beef

Pokket, Salad

Pokket, Salami & Cheese

Pokket, Seafood Salad

Pokket, Steak

Pokket, Steak & Cheese

Pokket, Steak Bomb

Pokket, Steak Tip

Pokket, Tuna

Pokket, Turkey

Pokket, Turkey Club

Salad, Antipasto, without Dressing

Salad, Caesar, with Dressing

Salad, Chicken Caesar, with Dressing

Salad, Chicken Stir Fry, without Dressing

Salad, Cobb, without Dressing

Salad, Greek, without Dressing

Salad, Lobster, without Dressing

Salad, Roast Beef, without Dressing

Salad, Steak Tip Caesar, with Dressing

Salad, Tossed, without Dressing

Salad, Turkey, without Dressing

Soup, Beef Stew

Soup, Chicken Noodle

Soup, Ex. Broc. & Cheddar Cheese

Soup, Hearty Vegetable

Soup, Italian Wedding

Soup, Lobster Bisque

Soup, NE Clam Chowder

Soup, Portuguese Kale

Sub, Big Papi

Sub, BLT & Cheese

Sub, Capicola & Cheese

Sub, Cheese

Sub, Cheeseburger

Sub, Chicken Club

Sub, Chicken Honey Dijon

Sub, Chicken Salad

Sub, Chicken Stir Fry

Sub, Classic Veggie

Sub, Grilled Chicken

Sub, Ham

Sub, Ham & Cheese

Sub, Ham & Salami

Sub, Hamburger

Sub, Italian

Sub, Lobster

Sub, Meatball

Sub, Mortadella & Cheese

Sub, Number 9

Sub, Pastrami

Sub, Peppercorn Steak

Sub, Pepperoni

Sub, Roast Beef

Sub, Salad

Sub, Salami & Cheese

Sub, Seafood Salad

Sub, Steak

Sub, Steak & Cheese

Sub, Steak Bomb

Sub, Steak Tip

Sub, Toasted Italian Bistro

Sub, Toasted Roast Beef & Cheddar

Sub, Toasted Tuna & Swiss

Sub, Toasted Turkey & Ham

Sub, Toasted Turkey Thanksgiving

Sub, Tuna

Sub, Turkey

Sub, Turkey Club

Topping, American Cheese

Topping, Bacon

Topping, Buffalo Sauce

Topping, Cucumber

Topping, Fat Free Mayonnaise

Topping, Hot Peppers

Topping, Lettuce

Topping, Mayonnaise

Topping, Mushrooms

Topping, Mustard, Honey Dijon

Topping, Mustard, Yellow

Topping, Olive Oil Blend

Topping, Onions

Topping, Pickles

Topping, Provolone Cheese

Topping, Sweet Peppers

Topping, Swiss Cheese

Topping, Tomato

Topping, Turkey Gravy

Topping, Vinegar

White Sub Roll, for Large Sub

White Sub Roll, for Medium Sub

White Sub Roll, for Small Sub

Wrap, Big Papi

Wrap, BLT & Cheese

Wrap, Buffalo Chicken Salad

Wrap, Caesar Salad

Wrap, Capicola & Cheese

Wrap, Cheese

Wrap, Cheeseburger

Wrap, Chicken Caesar Salad

Wrap, Chicken Cobb

Wrap, Chicken Filet & Bacon

Wrap, Chicken Honey Dijon

Wrap, Chicken Salad

Wrap, Chicken Stir Fry

Wrap, ChixSFry D'Lite

Wrap, Classic Veggie

Wrap, Greek

Wrap, Grilled Chicken

Wrap, Ham & Cheese

Wrap, Ham & Salami

Wrap, Hamburger

Wrap, Italian

Wrap, Lobster

Wrap, Low Carb, Wrap Only

Wrap, Meatball

Wrap, Mortadella & Cheese

Wrap, Number 9

Wrap, Pastrami

Wrap, Peppercorn Steak

Wrap, Pepperoni

Wrap, Plain Low Fat, Wrap Only

Wrap, Plain, Wrap Only

Wrap, Roast Beef

Wrap, Salad

Wrap, Salami & Cheese

Wrap, Seafood Salad

Wrap, Steak

Wrap, Steak & Cheese

Wrap, Steak Bomb

Wrap, Steak Tip

Wrap, Tuna

Wrap, Turkey

Wrap, Turkey Club



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