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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Apple

Apple Crisp, Prepared-from-Recipe

Apples, Canned, Sweetened, Sliced, Drained

Apples, Canned, Sweetened, Sliced, Drained, Unheated

Apples, Dehyd (Low Moisture), Sulfured, Stewed

Apples, Dehyd (Low Moisture), Sulfured, Uncooked

Apples, Dried, Sulfured, Stewed, w/o Sugar

Apples, Dried, Sulfured, Stewed, w/Sugar

Apples, Dried, Sulfured, Uncooked

Apples, Frozen, Unswtnd, Heated

Apples, Frozen, Unswtnd, Unheated

Apples, Raw, w/o Skin

Apples, Raw, w/o Skin, Boiled

Apples, Raw, w/o Skin, Microwaved

Apples, Raw, w/Skin

Strudel, Apple

Sugar-Apples, (Sweetsop), Raw



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