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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Sauce

Adobo Fresco

Alfredo Sauce, Mix, Dry

Barbecue Sauce

Barbeque Sauce, Low Sodium, Commercially Canned

Bearnaise Sauce, Dehyd, Dry

Beef Stock, Home-Prepared

Guava Sauce, Cooked

Hoisin Sauce, Ready-to-Serve

Hollandaise Sauce, with Butter Fat, Dehyd, Dry

Hollandaise Sauce, with Butterfat, Dehyd, Prep w/Water

Hollandaise Sauce, with Vegetable Oil, Dehyd, Dry

Homemade Sauce, White, Medium

Homemade Sauce, White, Thick

Homemade Sauce, White, Thin

Mole Poblano, Dry Mix

Mole Poblano, Prepared from Recipe

Pepper Sauce or Hot Sauce, Ready-to-Serve

Plum Sauce, Ready-to-Serve

Salsa, Ready-to-Serve

Sofrito, Prepared from Recipe

Stroganoff Sauce, Dehyd, Dry

Sweet and Sour Sauce, Dehyd, Dry

Sweet and Sour Sauce, Prepared-from-Recipe

White Sauce, Dehyd, Dry

Worcestershire Sauce



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