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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Poultry

Dove, Cooked, Includes Squab

Emu, Fan Fillet, Broiled

Emu, Fan Fillet, Raw

Emu, Flat Fillet, Raw

Emu, Full Rump, Broiled

Emu, Full Rump, Raw

Emu, Ground, Pan-Broiled

Emu, Ground, Raw

Emu, Inside Drum, Raw

Emu, Inside Drums, Broiled

Emu, Outside Drum, Raw

Emu, Oyster, Raw

Emu, Top Loin, Broiled

Goose, Liver, Raw

Goose, Meat + Skin, Raw

Goose, Meat + Skin, Roasted

Goose, Meat Only, Raw

Goose, Meat Only, Roasted

Guinea Hen, Meat + Skin, Raw

Guinea Hen, Meat Only, Raw

Ostrich, Ground, Pan-Broiled

Ostrich, Inside Leg, Cooked

Ostrich, Inside Leg, Raw

Ostrich, Inside Strip, Cooked

Ostrich, Outside Strip, Cooked

Ostrich, Oyster, Cooked

Ostrich, Tip Trimmed, Cooked

Ostrich, Top Loin, Cooked

Pate De Foie Gras, Canned (Goose Liver Pate), Smoked

Pheasant, Breast, Meat Only, Raw

Pheasant, Cooked, Total Edible

Pheasant, Leg, Meat Only, Raw

Pheasant, Raw, Meat + Skin

Pheasant, Raw, Meat Only

Poultry Salad Sandwich Spread

Poultry, Mechanically Deboned, from Backs and Necks w/o Skin, Raw

Poultry, Mechanically Deboned, from Backs and Necks w/Skin, Raw

Poultry, Mechanically Deboned, from Mature Hens, Raw

Quail, Breast, Meat Only, Raw

Quail, Cooked, Total Edible

Quail, Meat + Skin, Raw

Quail, Meat Only, Raw

Squab, (Pigeon), Light Meat w/o Skin, Raw

Squab, (Pigeon), Meat + Skin, Raw

Squab, (Pigeon), Meat Only, Raw



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