Ostrich, Inside Leg, Cooked

Nutrition Facts Label for Ostrich, Inside Leg, Cooked
About The Charts and Nutrition Facts
  • For accuracy, the calorie chart and fat chart are based on the biggest serving size available.
  • These nutrition facts came directly from the USDA or manufacturer/restaurant.
  • If you're using a calorie counter, remember that Fat, Carbs, and Protein calories are just close estimations based on the Atwater factors:
    Fat: 9 cal/g   Carb: 4 cal/g   Protein: 4 cal/g
  • Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Please remember this when using this information to make healthy food choices for your diet.

Serving Size:

Calories - One serving has a total Calorie count of 120 Calories. This breaks down as 15 Calories from Fat, 0 Calories from Carbohydrate, and 99 Calories from Protein. See the calorie chart below.

Calorie Chart for Ostrich, Inside Leg, Cooked
   *Fat/Carb/Pro calories based on the Atwater (9/4/4) calculations.

Fat - One serving of this size contains 1.65 grams of total Fat. There can be several types of Fat in each food. In this case 0.6 grams are from Saturated Fat, Trans Fat is unknown, and there are 1.05 grams left over.

Fat Gram Chart for Ostrich, Inside Leg, Cooked

Cholesterol - There are 62.05 mg of Cholesterol in each serving.

Carbohydrates - Counting carbs? If so, this one will be easy. This food has no Carbs, no Sugar, and no Fiber.

Protein - There are 24.66 grams of Protein in each serving of this food.

Minerals - There are 2.65 mg of Iron and 5.1 mg of Calcium in each serving of this food. In addition, this food has 299.2 mg of Potassium and 70.55 mg of Sodium in each serving.

Vitamins - This food doesn't have a significant amount of Vitamins A or C.

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