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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Jerry's Subs

American Cheese


Breadless Angus Steak

Breadless Bacon Philly

Breadless Grilled Chicken

Breadless Turkey

Buffalo Wings

Chicken Nuggets

Dressing, Blue Cheese

Dressing, Fat Free Ranch

Dressing, Honey Dijon

Dressing, Lo-Cal Italian

Dressing, Ranch

Fat Free Mayo

Fried Jalapenos

Fries, Large

Fries, Regular

Fries, Super

Garlic Cheese Bread

Green Peppers

Health Zone Sub, Grilled Chicken, 4''

Health Zone Sub, Original Cheesesteak, 4''

Health Zone Sub, Steak Sub, 8''

Health Zone Sub, Steak w/Mush & Green Pepper, 8''

Health Zone Sub, Turkey Breast, 4''

Jerry's Mayo

Jerry's Oil & Spice



Mixed Grille Bowl with Dressing

Mozzarella Sticks



New York Style Pizza, 12''

New York Style Pizza, 15''

New York Style Pizza, 8''

New York Style Pizza, by the Slice

Onion Straws

Provolone Cheese

Roll, 8'' Bistro Roll

Roll, 8'' Traditional Roll

Roll, 8'' Wheat Roll

S.W. Sauce

Salad, Angus Steak

Salad, Antipasto

Salad, Crispy Chicken

Salad, Grilled Chicken

Salad, House

Salad, Phillips Crabcake

Salad, Side

Salad, Tuna


Sub, Alpine Swiss Cheesesteak

Sub, Angus Steak

Sub, Bacon Philly Cheesesteak

Sub, Chicken Philly Cheesesteak

Sub, Crispy Chicken

Sub, Fat Daddy Cheesesteak

Sub, Grilled Chicken

Sub, Ham & Cheese

Sub, Italian Cold Cut, no Oil

Sub, Meatball & Cheese Sub

Sub, Phillips Crabcake Sub

Sub, Philly Cheesesteak

Sub, So.Street Cheesesteak

Sub, Super Cheesesteak

Sub, The Beast

Sub, Tuna Sub

Sub, Turkey Breast

Sub, Ultimate Cheesesteak

Sub, Veggie Melt

Sweet Peppers

Swiss Cheese

True Blue Bowl with Dressing



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