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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Cheese

American Cheese, Low Fat

American Cheese, w/Di Sodium Phosphate

American Cheese, w/o Di Sodium Phosphate

Blue Cheese

Brick Cheese

Brie Cheese

Camembert Cheese

Caraway Cheese

Cheese Fondue

Cheese Food, American, w/Di Sodium Phosphate

Cheese Food, American, w/o Di Sodium Phosphate

Cheese Food, Cold, American

Cheese Food, Swiss

Cheese Puffs or Cheese Twists, Low Fat

Cheese Sauce

Cheese Sauce Mix, Dry

Cheese Sauce, Dehyd, Dry

Cheese Sauce, Ready-to-Serve

Cheese Spread, American, w/Di Sodium Phosphate

Cheese Spread, American, w/o Di Sodium Phosphate

Cheese Spread, w/Cream Cheese Base

Cheese, Imitation, American or Cheddar, Low Cholesterol

Cheshire Cheese

Edam Cheese

Feta Cheese

Fontina Cheese

Gjetost Cheese

Goat Cheese, Hard

Goat Cheese, Semisoft

Goat Cheese, Soft

Gouda Cheese

Gruyere Cheese

Limburger Cheese

Mexican Cheese, Queso Anejo

Mexican Cheese, Queso Asadero

Mexican Cheese, Queso Chihuahua

Monterey Cheese

Monterey Cheese, Low Fat

Muenster Cheese

Muenster Cheese, Low Fat

Neufchatel Cheese

Pimento Cheese

Port De Salut Cheese

Provolone Cheese

Ricotta Cheese, Part Skim Milk

Ricotta Cheese, Whole Milk

Romano Cheese

Roquefort Cheese

Tilsit Cheese



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