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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Capri Sun

100% Fruit Juice, Apple Splash

100% Fruit Juice, Berry Breeze

100% Fruit Juice, Fruit Dive

100% Fruit Juice, Grape Tide

All Natural Juice Drink Fruit Punch, Ready-to-Drink

Juice Drink, Coastal Cooler

Juice Drink, Fruit Punch

Juice Drink, Grape

Juice Drink, Lemonade

Juice Drink, Mountain Cooler

Juice Drink, Orange

Juice Drink, Pacific Cooler

Juice Drink, Red Berry

Juice Drink, Splash Cooler

Juice Drink, Strawberry

Juice Drink, Strawberry Kiwi

Juice Drink, Surfer Cooler

Juice Drink, Tropical Punch

Juice Drink, Wild Cherry

Roarin' Waters, Grape

Roarin' Waters, Strawberry Kiwi

Roarin' Waters, Tropical Fruit

Roarin' Waters, Variety Pk 40 Ct Pouches

Roarin' Waters, Wild Cherry

Sport, On-the-Go Fitness Drink Mix, Lightspeed Lemon Lime

Sport, On-the-Go Fitness Drink Mix, Thunder Punch

Sports Drink, Berry Ice All Natural

Sports Drink, Cherry Freeze with Electrolytes All Natural

Sports Drink, Lightspeed Lemon Lime with Electrolytes

Sports Drink, Orange Edge All Natural

Sports Drink, Thunder Punch All Natural



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