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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Horizon Organic

100% Liquid Egg Whites

Banana Blended Lowfat Yogurt

Blended Baby Yogurts

Blueberry Blended Lowfat Yogurt

Blueberry Fat Free Fob Yogurt

Blueberry Tube Lowfat Yogurt

Cherry Fat Free Fob Yogurt

Cottage Cheese Lowfat

Cottage Cheese Regular

European Butter

Extra Large Eggs

Fat Free Plain Yogurt

Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt

Half and Half

Heavy Whipping Cream, Pint

Jumbo Eggs

Kids Orange Cream Yogurt

Kids Strawberry Yogurt

Large Eggs

Lemon Blended Lowfat Yogurt

Liquid Egg Product

Lowfat Chocolate Milk

Lowfat Eggnog

Lowfat Orange Cream Yogurt Tubes

Lowfat Strawberry Yogurt Tubes

Medium Eggs

Mixed Berry Fat Free Fob Yogurt

Organic Chocolate Ice Cream

Organic Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

Organic Coffee Ice Cream

Organic Fat Free Milk

Organic Lowfat Milk,1%

Organic Milk Plus Dha Omega-3 Low Fat Milk (1% Milkfat)

Organic Milk Plus Dha Omega-3 Reduced Fat Milk (2% Milkfat)

Organic Milk Plus Dha Omega-3 Whole Milk

Organic Reduced Fat Milk, 2%

Organic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Organic Vanilla Ice Cream

Organic Vanilla Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream

Organic Whole Milk

Peach Blended Lowfat Yogurt

Peach Fat Free Fob Yogurt

Raspberry Blended Lowfat Yogurt

Raspberry Fat Free Fob Yogurt

Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk

Reduced Fat Milk

Reduced Fat Vanilla Milk

Salted Butter

Smoothies, Strawberry Banana Splash

Smoothies, Tropical Punch

Smoothies, Wild Berry Splash

Sour Cream

Sour Cream Lowfat

Strawberry Blended Lowfat Yogurt

Strawberry Fat Free Fob Yogurt

Strawberry Natural Flavored Milk

Unsalted Butter

Whole Milk Plain Yogurt

Whole Milk Vanilla Yogurt



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