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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Beverages

Carob-Flavor Beverage Mix, Powder

Carob-Flavor Beverage Mix, Powder, Prep w/Whole Milk

Cocktail Mix, Non-Alcoholic, Concentrated, Frozen

Corn Beverage

Creme De Menthe, 72 Proof

Daiquiri, Canned, Alcoholic

Daiquiri, from Recipe, Alcoholic

Ginger Ale, Carbonated

Pina Colada, Canned, Alcoholic

Pina Colada, from Recipe, Alcoholic

Root Beer, Carbonated

Tequila Sunrise, Canned, Alcoholic

Thirst Quencher Drink, Bottled

Vodka, Distilled, 80 Proof



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