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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Bakery

Baking Powder, Double-Acting, Sodium Aluminum Sulfate

Baking Powder, Double-Acting, Straight Phosphate

Baking Powder, Low-Sodium

Baking Soda

Breakfast Tart, Low Fat

Cream of Tartar

Cream Puffs, from Recipe, Shell, Includes Eclair

Cream Puffs, from Recipe, Shell, w/Custard Filling


Ladyfingers, w/Lemon Juice and Rind

Ladyfingers, w/o Lemon Juice and Rind

Phyllo Dough

Popovers, Dry Mix, Enriched

Popovers, Dry Mix, Unenriched

Wonton Wrappers, Includes Egg Roll Wrappers

Yeast, Baker's, Active Dry

Yeast, Baker's, Compressed



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