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BMR-Calorie Calculator: What are Your Daily Calorie Needs?

Your metabolism plays a major role in how quickly you burn calories. Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is the number of calories burned when completely at rest.

Using your BMR as a starting point, you can learn how many calories your body will burn at your activity level. Learn more with this BMR and calorie calculator.

Your Physical Profile

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Your Daily Activity Level

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Results: Your BMR and Calories Burned Per Day

Enter your profile information and click Calculate to see results.

Quick Facts About the Basal Metabolic Rate:
  • The BMR is also commonly refered to as RMR, for Resting Metabolic Rate.
  • It's never a good idea to cut your calorie intake below your BMR. This puts your body in "starvation mode", where your body slows your metabolism down to conserve energy. This is a common mistake among dieters.
  • Your BMR depends on many physical factors, such as your weight, gender, age, and height.
  • As you lose weight, your BMR will decrease, because the body needs less fuel (calories) to survive.
  • This tool uses the popular Harris-Benedict equation to calculate your BMR (calories burned at rest).

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