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Quite Healthy Technologies: Our Background and History

Quite Healthy Technologies is dedicated to serving the needs of the health and fitness community.  We give you innovative ways to lose weight, control your diet, and improve your health with software for your PC or handheld PDA. We have been at this for nearly ten years now.

In June of 2000 we released Weight-By-Date, a simple, motivating tool for healthy weight loss and daily notes.  What made it so popular was the simple, weight loss calendar and a way to see when you'll hit your goal.  This feature continues to be the cornerstone of Weight-By-Date today.

A year later we created Weight-By-Date Pro, adding a full-featured food diary, along with an easy-to-use health and fitness journal. Weight-By-Date Pro has become our most popular and best selling software. It is constantly improving and is the most flexible and easy to use diet software available.

In May of 2003 we released Weight-By-Date Mobile, giving people a way to track their diet and fitness progress from anywhere, using their handheld PDA. This innovative solution runs on most Palm and Windows Mobile handhelds, and integrates seamlessly with Weight-By-Date Pro on the PC.

Currently we are developing a solution for the diabetic community and will soon release software that helps diabetics keep track of their blood sugar readings, nutritional intake, medications, insulin injections, blood pressure, and more.

We proudly serve customers in over 50 countries from our office in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.  Each day, people all over the world depend on Weight-By-Date to keep them committed to a healthier way of life.




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