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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Shortening

Shortening, Bread, Soybean (Hydr) and Cottonseed

Shortening, Cake Mix, Soybean (Hydr) and Cottonseed (Hydr)

Shortening, Confectionery, Coconut (Hydr) and or Palm Kernel (Hydr)

Shortening, Confectionery, Fractionated Palm

Shortening, Frying (Heavy Duty), Beef Tallow and Cottonseed

Shortening, Frying (Heavy Duty), Palm (Hydr)

Shortening, Frying (Heavy Duty), Soybean (Hydr), Linoleic (30%) Stabilizers with Silicon

Shortening, Frying (Heavy Duty), Soybean (Hydr), Linoleic (Less Than 1%)

Shortening, Frying (Regular), Soybean (Hydr) and Cottonseed (Hydr)

Shortening, Household Soybean (Hydr) and Palm

Shortening, Household, Composite

Shortening, Household, Lard and Vegetable Oil

Shortening, Household, Soybean (Hydr)-Cottonseed (Hydr)

Shortening, Industrial, Lard and Vegetable Oil

Shortening, Industrial, Soybean (Hydr) and Cottonseed

Shortening, Institutional, Composite

Shortening, Multipurpose, Soybean (Hydr) and Palm (Hydr)

Shortening, Special Purpose for Baking, Soybean (Hydr) Palm and Cottonseed

Shortening, Special Purpose for Cakes and Frostings, Soybean, Hydr



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