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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Oyster

Oyster Sauce, Ready-to-Serve

Oyster Stew, Canned, Condensed

Oyster Stew, Canned, Prep w/Milk

Oyster Stew, Canned, Prep w/Water

Oyster, Eastern, Canned

Oyster, Eastern, Cooked, Breaded and Fried

Oyster, Eastern, Farmed, Cooked, Dry Heat

Oyster, Eastern, Farmed, Raw

Oyster, Eastern, Wild, Cooked, Dry Heat

Oyster, Eastern, Wild, Cooked, Moist Heat

Oyster, Eastern, Wild, Raw

Oyster, Pacific, Cooked, Moist Heat

Oyster, Pacific, Raw

Oysters (Fast Food), Battered or Breaded, and Fried



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