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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Eggs

Egg (Fast Food), Scrambled

Egg and Cheese Sandwich, Fast Food

Egg Bread

Egg Bread, Toasted

Egg Custard Pie

Egg Custard, Baked, Prepared-from-Recipe

Egg Custard, Dry Mix, Prepared with 2% Milk

Egg Custard, Dry Mix, Prepared with Whole Milk

Egg Custards, Dry Mix

Egg Substitute, Frozen

Egg Substitute, Liquid

Egg Substitute, Powder

Egg White, Dried

Egg White, Dried, Flakes, Glucose Reduced

Egg White, Dried, Powder, Glucose Reduced

Egg White, Raw, Fresh

Egg White, Raw, Frozen

Egg Yolk, Dried

Egg Yolk, Raw, Fresh

Egg Yolk, Raw, Frozen

Egg Yolk, Raw, Frozen, Salted

Egg Yolk, Raw, Frozen, Sugared

Egg, Cooked, Hard-Boiled

Egg, Cooked, Omelet

Egg, Cooked, Poached

Egg, Cooked, Scrambled

Egg, Dried

Egg, Dried, Stabilized, Glucose Reduced

Egg, Duck, Fresh, Raw

Egg, Fried

Egg, Goose, Fresh, Raw

Egg, Quail, Fresh, Raw

Egg, Raw, Fresh

Egg, Turkey, Fresh, Raw

Egg, Whole, Raw, Frozen


Eggnog-Flavor Mix, Powder, Prep w/Whole Milk



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