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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Colombo

Yogurt, Classic Banana Strawberry

Yogurt, Classic Black Cherry Parfait

Yogurt, Classic Blackberry Burst

Yogurt, Classic Blueberry

Yogurt, Classic Cherry

Yogurt, Classic Peach

Yogurt, Classic Raspberry

Yogurt, Classic Strawberry

Yogurt, Classic Vanilla

Yogurt, Classic White Chocolate Raspberry

Yogurt, Fat Free Plain

Yogurt, Fat Free Vanilla

Yogurt, Light Blueberry

Yogurt, Light Boston Cream Pie

Yogurt, Light Cherry Vanilla

Yogurt, Light Creamy Vanilla

Yogurt, Light Juicy Peach

Yogurt, Light Key Lime Pie

Yogurt, Light Lemon Meringue

Yogurt, Light Mixed Berry

Yogurt, Light Orange Creme

Yogurt, Light Red Raspberry

Yogurt, Light Strawberry

Yogurt, Light Strawberry Banana

Yogurt, Lowfat Plain

Yogurt, Lowfat Strawberry

Yogurt, Lowfat Vanilla



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