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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Cold Stone Creamery

Candy Mix-in, Almond Joy Candy

Candy Mix-in, Butterfinger Candy

Candy Mix-in, Chocolate Chips

Candy Mix-in, Chocolate Shavings

Candy Mix-in, Gumballs

Candy Mix-in, Gummi Bears

Candy Mix-in, Heath Candy Bar

Candy Mix-in, Kit Kat Candy Bar

Candy Mix-in, Kool-Aid Infusions

Candy Mix-in, M & M's Candy

Candy Mix-in, Nestle Crunch Bar

Candy Mix-in, Peanut M & M's

Candy Mix-in, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Candy Mix-in, Reese's Pieces

Candy Mix-in, Snickers Candy

Candy Mix-in, Twix Candy

Candy Mix-in, White Chocolate Chips

Candy Mix-in, Whoppers Candy

Candy Mix-in, York Peppermint Patties

Fruit Mix-in, Apple Pie Filling

Fruit Mix-in, Bananas

Fruit Mix-in, Black Cherries

Fruit Mix-in, Blackberries

Fruit Mix-in, Blueberries

Fruit Mix-in, Cherry Pie Filling

Fruit Mix-in, Maraschino Cherries

Fruit Mix-in, Peach Pie Filling

Fruit Mix-in, Pineapple Chunks

Fruit Mix-in, Raisins

Fruit Mix-in, Rasberries

Fruit Mix-in, Strawberries

Ice Cream, Amaretto

Ice Cream, Banana

Ice Cream, Black Cherry

Ice Cream, Bubble Gum

Ice Cream, Butter Pecan

Ice Cream, Cake Batter

Ice Cream, Cake Batter, Light

Ice Cream, Candy Cane

Ice Cream, Cheesecake

Ice Cream, Chocolate

Ice Cream, Chocolate, Light

Ice Cream, Cinnamon

Ice Cream, Cinnamon Bun

Ice Cream, Coconut

Ice Cream, Coffee

Ice Cream, Coffee, Light

Ice Cream, Cookie Batter

Ice Cream, Cotton Candy

Ice Cream, Dark Chocolate

Ice Cream, Dark Chocolate Peppermint

Ice Cream, French Toast

Ice Cream, French Vanilla

Ice Cream, Irish Cream

Ice Cream, Macadamia Nut

Ice Cream, Mango

Ice Cream, Mint

Ice Cream, Mocha

Ice Cream, Oatmeal Cookie Batter

Ice Cream, Orange Dreamsicle

Ice Cream, Peach

Ice Cream, Peanut Butter

Ice Cream, Pecan Praline

Ice Cream, Pistachio

Ice Cream, Pumpkin

Ice Cream, Raspberry

Ice Cream, Sinless Sans Fat Sweet Cream

Ice Cream, Strawberry

Ice Cream, Sweet Cream

Ice Cream, Vanilla Bean

Ice Cream, Vanilla, Light

Ice Cream, White Chocolate

Nuts, Cashews

Nuts, Macadamia Nuts

Nuts, Peanuts

Nuts, Pecan Pralines

Nuts, Pecans

Nuts, Pistachio Nuts

Nuts, Roasted Almonds

Nuts, Sliced Almonds

Nuts, Walnuts

Other Mix-Ins, Brownies

Other Mix-Ins, Coconut

Other Mix-Ins, Cookie Dough

Other Mix-Ins, Graham Cracker Pie Crust

Other Mix-Ins, Granola

Other Mix-Ins, Marshmallows

Other Mix-Ins, Nilla Wafers

Other Mix-Ins, OREO Cookies

Other Mix-Ins, OREO Pie Crust

Other Mix-Ins, Peanut Butter

Other Mix-Ins, Toasted Coconut

Other Mix-Ins, Yellow Cake

Shake, Cake 'n Shake

Shake, Cherry Cheeseshake

Shake, Cream De Menthe

Shake, Lotta Caramel Latte

Shake, Milk and Cookies

Shake, Oh Fudge

Shake, PB&C

Shake, Savory Strawberry

Shake, Very Vanilla

Smoothie, 2 to Mango

Smoothie, Berry Lemony

Smoothie, Berry Trinity, Soy

Smoothie, Berry Trinity, Yogurt

Smoothie, Citrus Sunsation

Smoothie, Dew Iced

Smoothie, Man-Go Bananas, Soy

Smoothie, Man-Go Bananas, Yogurt

Smoothie, On the YoGo, Soy

Smoothie, On the YoGo, Yogurt

Smoothie, Strawberry Bananza

Sorbet, Green Apple Gummy Bear

Sorbet, Lemon

Sorbet, Raspberry

Sorbet, Watermelon

Topping, Butterscotch, Fat Free

Topping, Caramel, Fat Free

Topping, Chocolate Sprinkles

Topping, Cinnamon

Topping, Dipped Waffle

Topping, Fudge, Fat Free

Topping, Honey

Topping, Marshmallow Creme

Topping, Rainbow Sprinkles

Topping, Reddi Wip, Original

Topping, Smuckers Caramel

Topping, Smuckers Fudge

Topping, Sugar Cone

Topping, Waffle Cone or Bowl



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