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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Meat

Antelope, Raw

Antelope, Roasted

Bear, Raw

Bear, Simmered

Beaver, Raw

Beaver, Roasted

Beefalo, Composite of Cuts, Raw

Beefalo, Composite of Cuts, Roasted

Boar, Wild, Raw

Boar, Wild, Roasted

Buffalo, Water, Raw

Buffalo, Water, Roasted

Caribou, Raw

Caribou, Roasted

Deer, Ground, Pan-Broiled

Deer, Loin, Lean, 1'' Steak, Broiled

Deer, Raw

Deer, Roasted

Deer, Shoulder Clod, Lean, 3-5 Lb Roast, Braised

Deer, Tenderloin, Lean, 0.5-1 Lb Roast, Broiled

Deer, Top Round, Lean, 1'' Steak, Broiled

Elk, Ground, Pan-Broiled

Elk, Loin, Lean, Broiled

Elk, Raw

Elk, Roasted

Elk, Round, Lean, Broiled

Elk, Tenderloin, Lean, Broiled

Goat, Raw

Goat, Roasted

Horse, Raw

Horse, Roasted

Meat Extender

Meatballs, Meatless

Moose, Raw

Moose, Roasted

Muskrat, Raw

Muskrat, Roasted

Opossum, Roasted

Rabbit, Domesticated, Composite of Cuts, Raw

Rabbit, Domesticated, Composite of Cuts, Roasted

Rabbit, Domesticated, Composite of Cuts, Stewed

Rabbit, Wild, Raw

Rabbit, Wild, Stewed

Raccoon, Roasted

Squirrel, Raw

Squirrel, Roasted



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