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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Juice It Up

Cocoa Shake, Herbal Cocoa

Cocoa Shake, Raspberry Cocoa

Freeze, Ginger Mango Tango, Non-Dairy Cooler

Freeze, Lemon Ginseng, Non-Dairy Cooler

Freeze, Peach Cool Down, Non-Dairy Cooler

Freeze, Very Berry Thrive, Non-Dairy Cooler

Power ShakePro Flex

Power ShakeProtein Blast

Power ShakeThe Zone

Shake, Ginger Mango Tango, Non-Dairy Cooler

Shake, Lemon Ginseng, Non-Dairy Cooler

Shake, Peach Cool Down, Non-Dairy Cooler

Shake, Very Berry Thrive, Non-Dairy Cooler

Smoothie, Banana Rama

Smoothie, Berry Raspberry

Smoothie, Big Berry Combo

Smoothie, Boysenberry Blast

Smoothie, Carrot Patch

Smoothie, Chai Tea

Smoothie, Congo Lime

Smoothie, Cupuacu

Smoothie, Jumpin' Java

Smoothie, Just Peachy

Smoothie, Lava Flow

Smoothie, Mango Mania

Smoothie, Melon Madness

Smoothie, Orange Berry Tickler

Smoothie, Orange Blitz

Smoothie, Papaya Passion

Smoothie, Passion Punch

Smoothie, Pina Cool-Ada

Smoothie, Pro Flex

Smoothie, Protein Blast

Smoothie, Raspberry Craze

Smoothie, Razzle Dazzle

Smoothie, Seabreeze Squeeze

Smoothie, Soy Sensation

Smoothie, Strawberry Wave

Smoothie, Sunrise Splash

Smoothie, Super C Cherry

Smoothie, The Ultimate Acai

Smoothie, The Ultimate Acai Bowl

Smoothie, The Zone

Smoothie, Tropical Tango



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